Rectangular Duct Fabrication

Engel COMPACT II Coil Lines

With 2 Full Coil Lines in Houston and 1 Full Coil Line in Austin, MRSM has the capacity to manufacture duct work from every angle with speed and precision meeting your schedule and budget:

Our Coil Lines consist of:

  • Uncoilers
  • Beading and Notching Units
  • Shears
  • Transfer Tables
  • Edge Formers
  • Roll formers
  • Liner Stations
  • Breaking Stations

5’ X 10’ Dual Side Drive, Powermax65 plasma cutting systems

MRSM's 9 Plasma Cutting Machines are the solution for the optimal processing of your HVAC duct fittings. Clean, precise, and fast, these CNC Cutting Systems drastically reduce waste material and operating costs resulting in in meeting your schedule and budget.

Water Jet

One of the most manual tasks with manufacturing ductwork is the process of laying out, measuring, and manually cutting liner fittings to their corresponding metal fitting. Add to that the excessive waste accumulated from measuring mistakes and poor cut optimization and you’ve identified one of the most inefficient processes of duct manufacturing. MRSM's shops cut liner the same way our plasma tables cut metal, saving considerable time and cost by eliminating the labor-intensive manual liner cutting. The MRSM process makes it clean, dry, fast, smokeless and accurate. In addition, liner waste is greatly reduced allowing MRSM to produce quality results with competitive pricing.